Rising Star: Timucin Emre Guclu Talks With Simplyshredded.com


Quick Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 6 foot – 183 cm
Weight: 179 lbs – 81 kg


How did you get started with bodybuilding?

As a young boy I was addicted to sports, it didn’t make a difference for me if it was tennis, basketball or gymnastics, if it could challenge my capabilities and skills it would be good enough for me. After practicing a lot of different sports such as basketball, karate and Muay Thai, I found my ultimate passion, which was street soccer. With street soccer you are not permitted to be a team player as it concentrates more on individual talent and skills. As I was known in my hometown as a “good” street soccer player, people were pushing me to join the local football club, which I did at the age of 14. 1 year later I was offered a contract by 2 professional football clubs playing on the highest division, this was a dream that came true, but this dream changed very quickly when my parents didn’t agree on this and thought my education would suffer because of this. I was heartbroken and full of anger and joined the local gym, I started to lift to get rid of the pain and disappointment, but meanwhile I noticed my gains throughout the period.

I was fascinated how my body started to grow and how my strength increased and so started my new addiction, addiction for iron.


Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation derives from a very deep hunger, deep inside of me of a never ending passion of improving myself as best as possible. I’ve noticed that everything I do I give it my absolute 100%. Ever since I’ve gained a huge recognition from the industry and the sponsorship with one of the biggest supplement brands EHPlabs, the pressure is now greater than ever.

Although this only makes me more motivated and to also keep inspiring people to follow their dreams.


What workout routine has worked best for you?

I love high intensity training! I reach my maximum intensity by using heavy weights combined with supers sets and drop sets. This is how I’ve been training from day 1 and it still works for me.

Full Routine:

Monday: Chest/abs

  • Flat Bench 5×20-15-12-10-8
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 4×14-12-10-8
  • Incline Cable Fly’s super set with Incline Dumbbell Fly 3×10
  • Machine Bench Press wide grip super set with close grip 3×10
  • Incline Bench Press 10×10
  • Monster Abs 3×20
  • Weighted Cable Sit-Ups 4×20
  • Weighted Cable Reverse Sit-Ups 4×20

Tuesday: Legs/calves

  • Squats 10×10
  • Walking Lunges 3x 30 metres
  • Leg Press 4×10
  • Leg Extensions 3×20
  • Hamstring Curl Machine 4 x15
  • Reverse Cable Hamstring Curls 4×15
  • Seated Machine Calf Raises 5x 20
  • Donkey Calf Raises 5×20

Wednesday: Shoulders/Abs

  • Dumbbell Press 5×15-12-12-10-10-8
  • Side Lateral Raises Drop Sets 4×10
  • Rear Lateral Raises Drop sets 14×4
  • Military Overhead Press 4×10
  • Monster Abs 3×20
  • Weighted Cable Sit-Ups 4×20
  • Weighted Cable Reverse Sit-Ups 4×20

Thursday: Biceps/Triceps/Abs

  • Dumbbell Curls 4×10
  • Preacher Curls 3×10
  • Hammer Curls 4×15
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks 4×12
  • Barbell Skull Crusher 4×10
  • Dumbbell Skull Crusher 4×10
  • Monster Abs 3×20
  • Weighted Cable Sit-Ups 4×20
  • Weighted Cable Reverse Sit-Ups 4×20

Friday: Back/Abs

  • Pull Ups 5x till failure
  • Deadlift 5x 15-12-8-6-2
  • Lat Pull Down 4×10
  • T-bar Rows 4×10
  • Seated Rows 4×10
  • Dumbbell Rows 4×10
  • Monster Abs 3×20
  • Weighted Cable Sit-Ups 4×20
  • Weighted Cable Reverse Sit-Ups 4×20

Saturday: Calves/Abs/Upper Chest

  • Seated Machine Calf Raises 5x 20
  • Donkey Calf Raises 5×20
  • Incline Bench Press 5×10
  • Incline Dumbbell Press 4×10
  • Incline Cable Fly’s 4×10
  • Monster Abs 3×20
  • Weighted Cable Sit-Ups 4×20
  • Weighted Cable Reverse Sit-Ups 4×20

Sunday: Rest day

  • Recovery


If you had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

  1. Deadlifts: I love to add deadlifts in every back work out since I have noticed that these are the most effective way to develop overall strength using so many different muscles and putting them under constant tension.
  2. Squats: Nothing compares to squats when you want to develop big legs. In my opinion they are probably one of the most hardcore exercises yet the most effective way to develop your lower body. Also training your legs will release more hormones such as testosterone which leads to an increase in overall muscle growth.
  3. Bench Press: The best exercise to develop a full chest hitting every part (lower, upper and middle). It also has a positive effect on developing overall upper body strength.


What is your diet like?

Full Diet:

  • Meal 1: 50 grams Ultra Fine Oats with 250ml Skim Milk & a Protein Shake
  • Meal 2: Scrambled Eggs (6 Egg Whites, 2 Whole Eggs), 20 grams Green Peppers & 20 grams Mushrooms
  • Meal 3: 200 grams Chicken, 150 gram Broccoli & a Protein Shake
  • Meal 4: 200 grams Salmon, 300 grams Basmati Rice & 100 grams of Broccoli
  • Meal 5: 150 grams Tuna, 100 grams Lettuce, 2 Tomatoes, Mini Cucumber & a Protein Shake
  • Meal 6: 500 grams Cottage Cheese, 50 grams Soya Flocks, 200 grams Strawberries & a Protein Shake


When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

I don’t do cardio often since I rely on my diet 100% but when I want to increase the speed of my fat loss I always perform 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill with 1 minute sprints and 1 minute jogging intervals.


What is your supplementation like?

  • OxyWhey Lean Protein
  • Beyond BCAA
  • Crea-8
  • Buzz Pre-work out
  • OxyShred Fat Burner


Favorite Quote?

The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/AestheticEra
Instagram: Aesthetic_era

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